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Our company is engaged in the production of high-quality, environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch terry products, which meets the highest quality and has excellent performance characteristics.

UZTEX uses 100% cotton yarn for terry products. Our products perfectly absorb moisture, wash well, retain color for a long time, and have a long service life. These are soft and pleasant to the touch products that every housewife wants to have at home.


Types of products:

- towels (one-colored, multi-colored, with a jacquard pattern, waffle);

- bathrobes; sets for hotels (bathrobes, terry slippers, rugs, terry sheets);

- sets for children (towels, bathrobes, pajamas, ponchos, envelopes for newborns).

And also the range of domestic textile products includes knitted sheets on an elastic band, both from a linen cloth and from knitted terry.

All products can be both terry and with a hair cut on one side (velor).

In our assortment there are products of various colors: from pale pastel to bright and saturated. Such a wide selection allows us to satisfy the

needs of any of our customers.

Products are exported to the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, China, Japan, Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan.

The following technologies are used for the manufacture of weaving products: carriage (for the production of smooth-woven terry cloth); jacquard

(pattern with change in pile height; pattern using dyed yarn); waffle with embroidery and without.

For weaving production the factory uses the equipment of such companies:

- KarlMayer (basic and sizing equipment);

- Picanol (looms - 66 units);

- Texpa (fully automated sewing line);

- Juki (sewing machines).

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