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Knitted clothing manufactured by UZTEX means impeccable quality, durability, high practicality in combination with fashionable styles, hypoallergenicity and excellent elasticity.

We offer our customers all types of ready-made knitwear. We are ready to fulfill volume orders in the shortest possible time, stably maintain a high level of product quality that meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.

The main types of manufactured products.

Children's knitwear products:

- for newborns (sliders, babies, bonnets, bodysuits, overalls, vests) based on an eraser (riban), interlock, cooler smoothness, cadefe with various types of finishes: collars, with flaps, rivets, with a half-collar with a button, printed and one-colored ;

- children's products of younger and older age groups for girls and boys (T-shirts with short and long sleeves, shorts, trousers, dresses, skirts, T-shirts, overalls, sweatshirts, polos, turtlenecks) based on the smooth surface with 100% cotton and lycra 95% hb. 5% el., 92% hb. 8% el., 3-thread footer with and without fleece, with polyester and 100 hb., Pique, rib, cadefe, printed and plain dyed interlock, striped fabric of dyed yarn.

Adult knitwear products:

- men's t-shirts with short sleeves, long sleeves, polos, turtlenecks;

- men's tracksuits, pants, shorts, pajamas;

- women's t-shirts with short and long sleeves;

- women's dresses with a collar and short sleeves;

- Women's turtlenecks with short and long sleeves;

- Women's T-shirts and breeches, T-shirts and shorts, skirts, trousers with applique;

- women's sports suits, jackets on the lock.

Absolutely all materials and fabrics used to make clothes are subject to continuous quality control at all stages of the production process.

In the manufacture of products can be used the technology of silk-screen and multi-color flock application, transfer and thermal printing, glitter and foil.

Our customers receive products that fully meet the high requirements of the products both in the design and in the mass production of the fashion industry.

Without stopping at what has been achieved, we are constantly improving the quality of our products, increasing their assortment, regularly updating our lineup, tracking market trends and customer demands, and acquiring new equipment and technologies.

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