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If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of hosiery products, then you are on the right track! Our company offers wholesale hosiery of its own production at the best prices. In the assortment of hosiery for every taste.

Types of products:

- men's socks (classic, summer, winter, with a pattern);

- women's socks (socks, medium, short, tracks);

- children's socks;

- sports socks (leggings, socks, standard, short).

- tights for adults, teenagers, children.

Hosiery is distinguished by type, finish, manufacturing method, design. Hosiery can be bleached, dyed, multi-colored, patterned for decoration.

Hosiery is produced on various machines and with a variety of weaves (smooth surface, eraser, patterned, little opening, etc.).

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Products are exported to the EU, CIS, the USA, Turkey, Japan, South Korea and many others.

Our factory uses the latest equipment from Lonati, Menegatto, Tecnopea, Dinema, SSM, Atlas Copco, Heliot, Yamato, Juki, Suflet, R&B Impiati, Dogu for the manufacture of hosiery.

The equipment we use allows us to produce socks, tights and stockings with automatic toe-sewing, which is an indisputable advantage among our competitors.

All products are made from natural and high quality raw materials using modern equipment. Socks are of good quality, durability, reliability and ease of use. The optimal composition will ensure the comfort and health of your legs.

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