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Spinning laboratory

In 2014, spinning companies of the UZTEX group of companies introduced the & nbsp; technology of the Swiss company Rieter, Com4ring.

The UZTEX Group yarn, sold under the brand Com4ring, is high yarn quality characteristics guaranteed by the advanced spinning technology of Swiss company Rieter.

Com4ring yarn is an achievement of excellent performance knitting machines in knitting. On this equipment, an increase in overall efficiency is well marked.

The high absorbency of the dye leads to significant savings and improvement of the presentation, reducing the dyeing process, and therefore the yarn is not subjected to additional stresses and temperature loads. After numerous wash cycles, the discoloration of the final product is unnoticeable.

Knitwear made from UZTEX Com4ring yarn is, from the consumer’s point of view, synonymous with better pilling resistance, low tendency to twist stitches and high color fastness. Due to the structure of the yarn, a uniform and soft presentation of knitwear is ensured. Com4ring yarn guarantees excellent consumer characteristics of clothing.

UZTEX Group enterprises have laboratory test equipment of leading European manufacturers. The yarn is tested and tested for breaking loads on modern equipment by USTER (Switzerland). During the production and dyeing of the canvas, the most modern testing technologies are used, which allow to carry out tests for color stability at 50 times the load, including washing and ironing, as well as to test products for resistance to ultraviolet radiation and wear. All UZTEX products have international

quality certificates from leading European expert organizations. In 2011, UZTEX Tashkent became the forty-ninth in the world yarn manufacturer that received the Usterized quality certificate.

On production, the method of continuous quality control is applied. Absolutely all the materials used for the manufacture of clothing, semi-finished products and ready-made garments, are subjected to complete monitoring in order to identify defects in appearance.

Quality control of our products is carried out at all stages of the production process. At the garment industry, the controllers check by standards with a sample of 20 to 10 products, including all parts of the process chain before and after ironing of garments. The last quality control of the product passes before packing in individual packaging. This includes checking the compliance of information on the internal and attached labels.

At the end of March 2012, after conducting a technology audit, the Swiss Institute HOHENSTEIN gave a positive opinion on the products of UZTEX, and the company was joined to the international community of manufacturers who use only environmentally friendly and safe materials that meet the high European standards, reflected in the OEKO-TEX STANDARD standard 100. Now the products of enterprises UZTEX has a certificate of this standard 1 class.

Химическая лаборатория

The laboratories of the UZTEX Group are equipped with modern equipment made in the USA, Turkey and Europe. To work with colors use the international catalog PANTONE (TPX, TCX, TC), including 2100 colors.

Dilution of dyes produced on the equipment of the company Datacolor Autolab SPS (USA), where they spend minimal human resources. The painting of the samples of the paintings takes place in the ATAC laboratory dyeing machine (Turkey), 24 flasks are placed in the machine.

The recipe for color development is obtained using a Datacolor (USA) spectrophotometer, after which the recipe is sent to an automatic dispenser containing 120 cans with various different dyes of different concentrations.

The program itself selects the concentration of dyes for a given recipe. In the dispenser, high-end scales from MettlerToledo (Switzerland) are installed. The process of filling the recipe dispenser takes 45 minutes, which saves time twice.

The color comparison with the catalog takes place in the light cabin (VERI VIDE), after which each color is assigned a code in “AKDATA” and then sent for approval.

Physical Laboratory

In the physical laboratory of the UZTEX Group, the finished dyed fabric and yarn are tested on the European equipment of the firm “JAMES H.HEAL” in a special conditioned room under climatic conditions: 65% humidity and 20 ± 2 2С according to GOST 10681.

Усадка и перекос полотна соответствуют ГОСТ 8846-87 (ААTСС 179).

Прочность полотна определяется с помощью оборудования “TruBurst” фирмы «JAMES H.HEAL» по ISO 13938-2.

Пиллинг тест проводится на оборудовании “IMPULSE RandomeTumbleTester” по ISO 12945-3.

Устойчивость цвета к трению соответствует ISO 105-Х12, оценка проводится визуально, по серой шкале от 1-5 баллов.

Устойчивость цвета к воздействию пота соответствует ISO 105-Е04, оценка визуальная, по серой шкале от 1-5 баллов.

Устойчивость цвета под воздействием дистиллированной воды ISO 105-Е01, оценка визуальная, по серой шкале от 1-5 баллов.

Устойчивость к стирке с порошком соответствует ISO 105-С06, оценка визуальная, по серой шкале от 1-5 баллов.

pH водного экстракта проводится в соответствии с ISO 3071

Определение влажности полотна и пряжи производится прибором «Deltamoist» фирмы «JAMES H.HEAL»

Разрывная нагрузка пряжи осуществляется на оборудовании «MESDAN LAB» итальянского производства.

Качество окрашивания пряжи проверяют на лабораторной вязальной машине «Faycon» (Турция).

Все типы пряжи и окрашенного полотна проходят тестирование. Данные о результатах проведенных тестов сохраняются в системе “AKDATA”, это позволяет вести полный контроль качества готового полотна на всех производственных этапах.