Finished products sewing

UZTEX performs sewing of clothes made of knitted fabric of own production. The sewing department of our factories is provided with modern equipment designed for a variety of operations at all stages of sewing and finishing processes, for both knitted outerwear and knitted underwear. Sewing of the products is performed on Japanese machines, such as Yamata (Japan), Juki (Japan), Pegasus (Japan). Sewing machine park has more than 950 units of modern equipment in total. All sewing machines are connected to a pneumatic compressed air line, which significantly increases the capacity, provided that a stable level of product quality is maintained.

Preparation of patterns and cutting of products

Preparation of patterns and cutting of products is performed on modern equipment using the specific technology and software of GERBER Company (USA), the world leader in cutting technology. This technology allows optimizing the cutting process, which significantly reduces the wastage rate down to 3%, and respectively, reduces the product cost for the customer.

The printing process is performed on the automatic equipment “Shenk”, Germany. The printing technology uses high-quality and safe water-based and plastisol paints made by “ȪZANADOLU”, Turkey and “MINERVA”, Italy. Seven-color machine allows application of patterns by mixed printing method. Today, we can offer products with transfer printing, silk-screen printing, flock application, as well as foil printing, letterpress printing, metallic printing, photoprinting (silk-screen application), rubber and puff printing.

Company attributes

Company attributes and elements of textile design are embroidered on “TAJIMA”, 12 head embroidery machines, Japan. Elements of textile design and applique are made on “AY & KA”, laser installations, Turkey.

Collars and cuffs are knitted on PAILUNG PLF IC2 equipment, Taiwan and Shima SEIKI S FF152, Japan, Shima SEIKI SES 202 –S, Japan.

For better adhesion to the fabric the patterns are pressed on Hasal equipment, Turkey and HERPA, Turkey, operating on the pneumatic system and having a press adjustment that accelerates the work process and improves the quality of the products.

Labels and various types of marking

Labels and various types of marking are also created in our production. Label production department is equipped with printing equipment HY SBR 400, China, which makes a cliché which is subsequently used for labels printing. HY (China) prints on fabric or paper, HY DHG 9073 (China) dries the dye ad making it non-erasable. Daily this equipment can produce from 30 000 to 70 000 pieces of labels.

Production capacity allows manufacturing large orders in the shortest time and maintaining a high level of product quality, which meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.