The UZTEX enterprises use the advanced technologies. The spinning factories are provided with the equipment of the latest models made by Rieter (Switzerland), Murata (Japan). Factory’s own laboratories are equipped with the advanced quality control technology made by USTER (Switzerland).

The fabric is made of cotton yarn of its own production on the equipment of the leading European companies, PILOTELLI (Italy), AYER & CIE (Germany), MONARCH (Great Britain).

Dyeing of yarn and fabric is performed by dyeing machines, such as THIES (Germany), BRUCKNER (Germany), FERRARO (Italy), SANTEX (Switzerland), using high-quality reactive dyes of European manufacture, providing good color resistance to various factors.

Using modern dyeing equipment, the colorists of our company have developed a unique color map, comprising of more than 150 items.

The yarn is dyed according to the samples of the UZTEX original color map, as well as, the color maps of the leading foreign manufacturers, and also according to the individual order and customer’s samples.

The whole process of dyeing is fully automated. The color formula is developed using the most modern laboratory equipment made by DATACOLOR, the American company; preparation and delivery of dyes to the boilers is fully automated and controlled by a central server which can stop the dyeing process, even in the case of insignificant deviations from the formula. Intelligent control technology allows saving all data on the color formula, which guarantees stability and compatibility of colors from order to order.

Full technological cycle includes all stages of production, from purification and preparation of cotton fiber, production of yarn and fabric, to sewing, marking and finishing packaging of ready-made garments made from knitted fabrics. Our customers are major network operators at the fashion retail market who receive their products that fully meet the requirements of the brand retail.