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Charitable actions

One of the most important principles of UZTEX Group is to contribute to the development of society and state, to support education, culture and sports, to implement charitable and sponsorship programs.

UZTEX GROUP is the first and only textile company in the CIS countries, that not only passed the BSCI(Business Social Compliance Initiative) certification, but also received the highest absolute category “A” for all 13 principles

UZTEX Group was the first to introduce the innovative high-performance SAP platform in the textile industry of the CIS countries, which will centralize UZTEX Group business processes and build real-time management of all enterprises.

The company  deeply understands the importance and value of human resources, conducts a socially-oriented policy. Today, the professional team of enterprises of “UZTEX GROUP” has more than 10,000 specialists and production workers. The enterprises introduced a system of continuous training and certification of personnel, with the involvement of leading textile experts from Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany.

The Company's management seeks to maintain mutually beneficial cooperation with regional authorities and local communities, educational institutions of the city, sports organizations, employment and social support centers.

    Since 2012 UZTEX Group has been working closely with the Children's Sports Development Fund, putting their efforts into ensuring that our children grow up strong and healthy. It is no secret that only UZTEX products comply with international quality standards, that is environmentally friendly, confirmed by the Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate, that resulted in UZTEX GROUP being the sole executor of the State order for manufacturing sports children's uniforms. 

UZTEX is aware of the importance in supporting children's sports. After all, playing sports helps children develop physically, think like a winner, overcome difficulties and develop a team spirit. Therefore, since 2016, UZTEX Group began cooperation with Football club Lokomotiv Tashkent. 
The result was that 350 sets of a sports uniform for young football players of a children's sports school were made. In the future, the company will continue to participate in the lives of children who raise the bar of domestic football from year to year. 
An act of good deed and to give joy to people is an integral part of our life. We are proud to unite around very important ideas and events. We believe that the returns to our good deeds are far greater than our efforts. Giving joy to children changes the world for the better!