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UZTEX Group cares about the environment and therefore a project has been developed

Cotton or, as they are called in Uzbekistan, “white gold” is one of the main national treasures of Uzbekistan. As a result of hardworking citizens, in addition to the use of the latest agricultural equipment, Uzbekistan has come to the forefront in the cultivation of cotton and the production of high-quality fabrics of natural origin. The collection and processing of cotton fiber, combined with the latest advances in the textile industry, was united by the largest brand for vertically integrated production of textile products, that is UZTEX GROUP

UZTEX GROUP is the largest producer of fabric, yarn and readymade garments amongst the CIS countries. Each factory has a fleet of textile machines, such as dyeing machines, yarn, RAM, winding machines, etc. The operation of all equipment requires the use of steam, that is produced in the boiler room using steam boilers with the use of methane gas. Consequently, carbon monoxide is released, which in turn would be emitted into the atmosphere, polluting the environment. However, the company is famous not only for a wide range of textile products, but also for its main strategy, the most important aspect of which is the preservation of the environment. In order to minimize environmental damage, the project was integrated to convert the industrial carbon monoxide into food carbon dioxide.

UNION ENGINEERING - a world leader in CO2 production technologies - provides an opportunity to receive reliable innovative solutions in this field that offers large capacity storage systems for gaseous and cryogenic products, compressor, pumping, vacuum equipment and tanks for the storage and subsequent transportation of gases by road.

In the modern world, the need for the production of edible CO2 has grown significantly, and we are talking not only about the numerous carbonated drinks that contain this gas, but also about the pharmaceutical industry, where liquefied edible gas is used to produce various medical drugs.

However Uztex Group does not plan to stop there and is already engaged in the development of a strategy for processing edible carbon dioxide into dry ice, which can also be implemented as a commercial product and delivered to customers. The main feature of such ice is that when it melts, or rather during evaporation, there is no trace left. Such ice, unlike the classic one, is very convenient in storage and transportation and is perfect for cooling and transporting large volumes of food