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Mission and strategy

Many countries have their own strategic resources, as they not only develop their economies, but also take over global markets. In Russia, for example, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Norway, such resources are oil and gas resources, one of the cornerstones of the world economy.

UZTEX Group works to develop a similar strategic resource of Uzbekistan that is the textile industry.

Textile products in the world market have the same meaning and play a similar role as oil. As it is used to produce both basic necessities (clothes and shoes), as well as the second (home textiles) and the third (fashion accessories). Thanks to this, textiles, like oil and gas, have the widest application in the global production of consumer goods.

Natural resources of Uzbekistan, provide environmentally friendly and 100% natural raw materials, in addition to huge production made in accordance with international standards, Uzbek textiles becomes a strategic resource that can influence global markets.

We take the basis of our products from nature itself - the purest eco-friendly raw materials. In the production process, we try to preserve the nature as much as possible without harming our products. We will make every effort to continue in the same spirit for sustain the environment and manufacture eco-friendly products.

 At the same time, we understand that even though a natural organic product in the world is becoming more expensive, we, for our part, are making efforts to ensure that our eco-product is accessible to the widest sections of the population. Nature was created for all of us. That we will never forget.

Therefore, "Ecological and economical" - was, remains and will remain our core idea.