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UZTEX GROUP is a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of textile products in the world. The production facilities of UZTEX GROUP enable to produce a full range of textile products from cotton: all types of raw and dyed yarn, raw and dyed knitted fabrics, readymade garments, hosiery and terry products.


UZTEX GROUP was founded in 2009, with the first factory launching as the dyed fabric manufacturer.

ANNUAL PRODUCTION CAPACITY OF TEN “UZTEX GROUP” ENTERPRISES located in various regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan amounts to more than 45,000 tons of different types of raw yarn from which they are further processed into:

As a result of its own cotton clusters with an area of more than 45,000 hectares for cotton sowing, UZTEX Group controls the entire production cycle, that includes all stages of production - from sowing, collecting, cleaning and preparing cotton fiber, making raw yarn, producing dyed yarn and fabric, to sewing, marking and packaging of finished knitwear, hosiery and terry products. Vertical integration undoubtedly impacts the high quality of the final product.