Many countries have their own strategic resources given by nature and thanks to which they may not only develop their economies, but also conquer the world markets. For example, the resources of Russia, the UAE, Qatar, and Norway are oil and gas, the energy resources, which are considered as one of the cornerstones of the world economy.

UZTEX, a group of companies, works in order to develop a similar strategic resource of Uzbekistan – the textiles industry.


In the world market the textiles have the same significance and play the same role as oil. The reason is that the textiles are used for products manufacturing, either of first necessity (clothing and footwear), or second (home textiles), or third (fashion accessories). Due to this, the textiles, along with oil and gas, have the widest application in the world production of consumer goods.

Uzbekistan's own natural resources providing eco-friendly and 100% natural raw materials, as well as the huge production created by all world standards, make Uzbek textile a strategic resource capable of influencing the world markets.

The UZTEX Group pays much attention to the formation of a single information policy. Based on this, the "UZTEX" corporate magazine was created, which timely and reliably informs about the life of the company, its employees, important events, news and innovations. The website of the company also contributes to the policy.

suhoy led

The basis for our products we take from the nature which is considered the cleanest eco-raw material. During the production process, we try to keep in our products as much natural originality as possible. And we are succeeding in it. And we will make all our efforts to keep on moving the same way for many years.

At the same time, we understand that even though the natural product in the world is becoming more and more expensive, we, from our side, are making efforts to ensure that our eco-product is accessible to the widest layers of the population. Nature was created for all of us. This is what we will never forget.

Therefore, the combination of “Eco-friendly and cost-efficient” has always been and will forever remain as our core idea.